Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Back before 2017 kicks in

Yes I' seemed to have taken a hiatus, a vacation if you will, from posting things to my own blog. Reason being that I was so sucked into doing day-today things these past few years, including raising kids, family chores, teaching, and of course being active with other social media platforms suc has FB, twitter, instagram, youtube etc. But before 2017 kicks in I decided to post something, for you and me. Welcome back to my blog. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Latest Bollywood movies

Lately some interesting movies have made it on to the screen. The genres have become more and more diverse and experimental to say the least.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dance - drama and life

What would life be without dance and drama. Yup that is my topic of discussion. Tell me can you imagine a life with no color? A life with no shape, no edges, just round and predictable. We often like to sing, dance, and act out our emotions on stage or off stage. It satisfies a need in us, a need for peope understanding us and relating to us and appreciating us and applauding us. Lights - Camera - Sound - Action!
Woman: Lekin tum aisa nahin kar sakte, I am about to have your baby (tumhare bacche ki maan banane waali hoon)
Man: (hisses) Yeh Jhoot hai, tum jhoot bol rahi ho (you are lying)
Woman: (Angrily) Kaminey tu kuta hai
Man: Koi Shuck (the guy was not Shahid from Kaminey - otherwise the dialog would have been CUT)
Director yells "CUT"
Director: That was an awesome shot madam.
Madam breathing heavily, snaps her fingers and looks hungrily at the guy who was playing in the film. She has a strong need to be with him.

Monday, May 31, 2010


Avocado rice and kabab .. hmm pretty innovative dining at my end. The night stares silently as I hear the bugs
chatting .. my eyes are empty
Coz there are no eyedrops left .. and I smile .. faintly .. and I smirk beligently .. and I sing voraciously .. and
in the end the night
the night stares at me with a moonless blanket as I tweet and twitter and tell a few tales waiting for an avatar
with a tail to come and ...
sweep me off the floor with his tail and I smile and I smirk and I sing while he smiles and smirks and sings a
song about wind and fruits ..
about passion and flutes about dining and wining about tales and sails .. and we smile in rapture, we smirk at
others and we sing together .
a song that is ours a sail that is small a house that we've built in a hollow tree on a mountain green where wind
sings and fruits fall ..
fruits fall upon our garden filled with roses and jasmine .. and we stare at eachother fervently passionately
relentlessly ... together w u

Monday, December 11, 2006

Dhoom or Spirit

What is it going to be for you this year? Yes .. you got it .. I think .. I am talking about this year's New Year's Eve bash/extravaganza/gala .. or whatever you wanna call it. The idea is to party where you can have one rocking time, not having to pay so high that your next month's mortgage is in jeopardy, or having to sell off your fake Armany watch and having to party without one!! Makes sense .. oh well .. I am not trying hard to make sense anyway. The point I am trying to make is that this year if you want to party and party hard to NON-STOP music, and have champagne, drink specials, food, masti and more then you can pick from either of the 4V party. The one at Clay Pit in Addison is DHOOM and the other one is at the Campbell Center in Richardson and that one is called SPIRIT. Spirit is a Family event as well .. so hey that's right your kids don't have to left in the doldrums with a nanny who is hating having to spend time with a bunch of kids. Oh well you may be lucky if you have a really sweet and caring one and she might genuinely be looking forward to tucking your puppies in the bed. But what about you!! Do you not want to see them have their faces painted, and play with balloon toucans and orangutans .. and that too right in front of your eyes!! Well this can actually happen as your kids dance and laugh to a clown while you enjoy a buffet from Akbar and then get ready to jam at the DJ lounge. Not only that, you can also pick up a private hall for your friends and just go in their with all the kids to have a crazy insane time. So if that's what you want then join the wandbagon, BYOB .. you heard me right .. Spirit is a BYOB event .. so comeon over and PARTY!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (KANK)

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
Another Karan Johar (KJ) film hits the camp. And it is once again a star studded bonanza, with billion dollar Manhattan sets, mansions, penthouses and the works. KJ certainly has the art to spend tons of money on the sets, costumes, accessories, hair and make-up. The story is about love, and essentially that love is what sustains a marriage. Without love marriage is more of a burden than a relief. The story advocates that if one finds love in one's marriage then life is complete even if it incomplete in other areas. The ending was a strong point of the film. It was different, unpredicatable and had a ring of justice to it. Another strong point of the film is that the spouses are not portrayed as evil, no-good, malicious, or clearly worthy of dumping. the characters of Priti and Abhishek have many likable streaks. Especially Abhishek is turly a happy-go-lucky-in-love-with-his-wife-ready to-do-anything-for-her husband. Despite his sincerity of love his wife does not feel any love for him and I think there in lies the tragedy of the film. The falling in love with another man, the deciet, the infidelity, the passionate lovemaking all add to her edispleasure but the final straw comes when her own father-in-law Amitabh discovers her loveaffair. Her discomfort, sense of guilt reaches the zenith but all falls flat when she hears her dadinlaw give her the advise that the best thing to do would be to move ahead, to leave her husband, and to not be in a marriage that is depriving his son of true love he deserves. Amitabh was a show stealer in the film. He was funny, witty, flirtatitious, emotional, and wise. He can do to a role what butter can do to a parantha. Shahrukh brought the edginess of his character well to the suface but there were instances where his acting could have made this film much stronger. Rani looked a million dollars but she really needs to lose that untimely smile. Why can't she stop smiling where there is no need to do that!! That will always be her flaw but then I guess it is forgiven given her brilliant shemistry with the Khan. They do have a rocking chemistry. I think most women who act with him actually do end up falling in love with him. I can't wait to watch his Don.Preity had many scenes where she looked oomphatic but then some scenes she looked a highly tensed up brow raising siren. Some works need to be undone on her. Karan Johan is worthy of complimenting in KANK for a fresh outlook on marriage, an outlook that challenges tradition, tradition that preaches suffocation. It is a feminist approach to living that he prescribes rather smoothly. Definitely a movie that will raise discussions over coffee in many a circles. In the end it is a film you want to not miss but when you leave you'd certainly wish it was a good half an hour shorter. The essence of love one feels when the Mitwa song comes is very strong. The empathy one feels for the lovers and at the same time for their spouses is well pulled from the audience. Hey with so many strong points I will say that the film is a success. Kudos to KJ.


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